Branding That Appeals To The 5 Senses

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Promotional products have the power to engage all our senses and can increase the success of your advertising because it allows you to appeal to your consumers’ emotions and create a marketing experience with great potential to evoke consumers’ memories.

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Consumers are sensing beings. Branding taps into our senses. Promotional products are the only advertising medium that can engage all our senses. This can aid in sensory memory, a type of short-term memory that enables consumers to connect one of the five senses with memory.

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With promotional products, consumers can see, hear, smell, and taste what you are advertising. Additionally, promotional products are the only form of advertising that allows consumers to relate to a brand on a physical level. This creates a positive perception in the mind of the consumer thereby increasing the possibility they will choose your brand, product or service over competing brands.  

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Drink Up! #WaterBottles

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We must drink up, water, that is. Water lowers blood pressure, regulates body temperatures, lubricates joints, aids in digestion and helps remove waste from the body.  The bottom line is that our bodies need water to survive. Companies will do well to leverage this need while helping consumers meet it.

It is important to drink enough water to maintain the body’s fluid balance, which helps transport nutrients in the body, regulate body temperature, digest food, and more. The easiest way to remember to drink more water is to carry a water bottle at all times.


With a custom water bottle. Encouraging clients and employees alike to carry custom water bottles is a brilliant marketing strategy. Not only does this promotional item encourage health and fitness but will increase your brand recognition and help your message resonate with consumers. This is a win-win situation, for your consumers and your company.

Branded water bottles are as refreshing as the water they hold.  By way of your branded water bottle, you will encourage more people to drink more water and each time they drink water you will inscribe your brand into your consumer’s memory. Let us not forget that we carry our water bottles with us at all times. Oh, the places your water bottle will go: sporting events, festivals, picnics, parks, workout facilities, malls, parties and so many more. And wherever it goes so will your company, making your company visible in a variety of settings.


What better way to promote your brand than to do so in such a way that promotes hydrated and healthy people while also promoting a healthy planet (you would be saving 1,460 plastic bottles per year by using a reusable bottle). Promotional items that are environmentally friendly, conserve natural resources and protect the environment increase the value of your investment.

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Now it’s a win-win-win situation, for your consumers, your company and our planet. The beauty of water bottles is that they never go out of season because we must always drink water.  Summer, however, is considered the “prime time” to give consumers water bottles. Summer is approaching so how can we help you create a customized water bottle or choose from a variety of water bottle options with your company logo.

You would be saving 1,460 plastic bottles per year by using a reusable bottle.

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T-shirts Are Among The Most Requested Promotional Item

Featured Product: 100% Cotton T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love a good t-shirt? What’s not to love? Summer is approaching and custom t-shirts are one of the best clothing options available to keep us comfortable, cool and stylish. T-shirts are simple yet powerful with so much possibility. In their simplicity, they are easily fitted, easily cleaned and inexpensive.  This is precisely why t-shirts are among the most requested promotional item.


Branded t-shirts are a powerful, cost-effective way for your company to promote its good services! T-shirts have the unique ability to tie your brand package and presentation together. T-shirts are especially popular for branding because they are an extension and expression of your brand. Using t-shirts to share your company’s story or relay a concise message also increases brand recognition. T-shirts have the potential to boost your most powerful marketing strategy. A cool design can be the difference between a shirt actually being worn instead of tossed.

People will want to know more about who you are, what you are about and where they can get one. Let’s just say that t-shirts can do the talking and walking for your company. The more your t-shirts walk, the more they will get people talking about you.


T-shirts are also capable of being a powerful team-building strategy. What better way to connect your team, express your company culture, develop community and create camaraderie than with a team t-shirt?  T-shirts can encourage unity, which can lead to more productivity under the banner of your brand. T-shirts can also be used to welcome new members helping them immediately feel as though they are a part of a team and something bigger than themselves. They can also be given out as gifts and incentives for individuals/teams who perform exceptionally well.  

Who knew that a simple t-shirt could be such a powerful investment for your company? If you are ready for your branded t-shirts to do the talking and walking for your company then you should be talking to us. Let us make t-shirts or other products that will make a powerful statement for your company.

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Gearing Up For Summer #CampingSeason

Here’s the lowdown on gearing up for the summer camp season. We are your one-stop-shop for all your summer camp needs. We have everything you need to help make your summer camp a safe, healthy, fun, enriching and memorable experience for your campers.


We have several promotional items that prioritize your health and safety message while promoting your

Campers need clothing that will keep them cool and comfortable in the summer heat. Check out our selection of customized t-shirts that are loose-fitting and made of cotton that is a breathable fabric to keep campers cool and comfortable.

Hats help protect campers from ultraviolet radiation to the face, head and neck. Check out our selection of custom hats.

Staying hydrated, especially when being active outdoors, is important for children. Water bottles help to promote hydrated and healthy children. Shop our custom water bottles personalized with a brand logo, creative design or photo.

Wearing lanyards is an easy way for campers to display their ID cards. We carry a wide variety of custom lanyards including safety breakaway lanyards that have an added safety feature that protects the child wearing the lanyard.

The safety breakaway lanyard has a breakaway function that prevents children from getting hurt when the lanyard gets caught on a piece of playground equipment or on a tree branch. Lanyards also help with organization and aids in accurate head-counts. Not only do these lanyards help protect and identify children, but they can also inspire unity and build camp pride. For camp counselors, wearing a lanyard with an ID card makes it easier for campers to recognize them. This is especially important in times when the need for a counselor is urgent.

Now that we have addressed the issues of health and safety, let’s talk about learning and having fun. We have several promotional items available that can aid in the creation of a learning and fun camp experience.

  • Pens and pencils are not obsolete, especially not at camp. Check out our huge selection of promo pens and pencils at low prices. Order your customized pens and pencils today.
  • It is important to acknowledge hard work, achievements, and goals reached for educational purposes and competitive fun games. We can help you provide your campers with a tangible, durable reminder of a specific achievement with our array of awards and trophies.

Finally, we want your campers’ summer camp experience to be meaningful and memorable.

Not only are our promotional items essential for a safe, healthy, fun and enriching camp experience but they can also serve as keepsakes to remind them of the memories they made at your camp.

Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Now that I have your attention let me tell you how you can grab the attention of new customers with free promotional products. There is power in the four-letter F word…Free. In fact, there is a psychology of free stuff. It is as if we are hardwired to want free stuff. In a cost-benefit analysis, free stuff implies benefits and no costs. Free stuff can be hard to resist because FREE! gives us an emotional charge.

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Getting something for nothing makes folks do almost anything…like stand in line for hours to get free donuts or wait for hours in the cold to eat free pancakes even when generally we hate standing in line. One of the simplest and savviest ways to grab consumers’ attention and get them talking about your product(s)/service(s) is to give something away.

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If you haven’t already figured it out, consumers love free stuff. Companies should love free stuff (promotional items/giveaways) even more. At first glance, it can appear as though freebies are money losers. However, promotional items/giveaways are virtually guaranteed to generate new customers and increase sales.

Technology products are a great hit, we offer mobile charging sets compatible with most devices. View products here.

The bottom line is that companies that hand out freebies are often rewarded well for their “generosity”. Is your company ready to give something for nothing and get nothing less than something in return? Visit and you will find functional, fashionable and unique products to meet all your promotional needs.